Portfolios with an Edge

Capital Cities Asset Management is a privately owned Registered Investment Advisory firm, headquartered in Austin, Texas, and specializing in wealth management for individual investors, retirement plans, trusts, endowments, and corporate entities Learn more about us and meet our team.

We believe that your ability to enjoy long-term investment success begins with the proper investment planning. Specific understanding of your ultimate goals and the possible obstacles in the way is the beginning of your journey. Learn more about all of our services.

Capital Cities Asset Management and our staff are leaders in the area of Exchange Traded Fund investing. Understanding the enormous benefits of ETF investing and the fundamentals involved is paramount. Sharing our expertise and the education of investors is critical to our corporate mission.


Strategic Investment Planning

An interactive, goal-based process to build life investment plans for you through detailed analysis and evaluation. Unique and personalized, this process is the foundation to investment success and a healthier future.Read More »

Customized Investment Management

Daily monitoring and management of your portfolio. Bringing our unique methodology to the complexities of the investment market, we merge the art of identifying opportunities with the science of striving to minimize risk.Read More »

Institutional Services

Investment professionals today are faced with a wide range of responsibilities. Your clients come to you for solutions, and often those solutions may entail outside help. Capital Cities Asset Management has partnered with many advisors and institutions over the years to help.Read More »